• 30 Years of music history, 365 days a year

  • Come Relax at MYX LOUNGE, the newest addition to Fairfax's well known night life

  • Discover talented local artists

  • Host your special event with us!!

  • Check out your favorite bands.

  • Get Into The MYX

    Come join us at the new MYX lounge
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Welcome to 19 Broadway


Check Out Our Music Lineup and Box Office Information

Thirty years of Music History, 365 Nights a Year!


Learn All About The Fun Inside MYX Lounge  

With the Addition of Our Own Resident "Myxologist", Come Enjoy the New Specialty Cocktail Menu, Chill Atmosphere,& Great Music!

Why We Do What We Do

Our Commitment to Out Passions, Good Times, and the Community.


Bring Your Special Event To 19Broadway

Great For Intimate Private Parties, Business Gatherings, Benefits and More.


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Featured Bands


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