David Nelson Band at The Fairfax Pavilion

19 Broadway Bar & Nightclub Presents @ The Fairfax Pavillion

David Nelson Band at The Fairfax Pavilion


Sat, November 17, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

$25.00 - $30.00

Tickets Available at the Door

This event is all ages

Very Important! This show will take place at the Fairfax Pavillion located in downtown Fairfax 142 Bolinas Rd. Call 415-459-0293 for more info...

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David Nelson Band at The Fairfax Pavilion
David Nelson Band at The Fairfax Pavilion
The David Nelson Band has been recording and performing around the country since 1994. Their broad musical palette spans the Almost Acoustic style that Nelson played with Jerry Garcia, through roots rock n’ roll, and psychedelic country-rock. The DNB perform David's compositions (some co-written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter), select covers, and several Grateful Dead classics upon which Nelson appeared on the original album releases. These stylistic elements, combined with plenty of spontaneous free form improvisation, create a sound that is uniquely David Nelson Band. Though the original songs are mostly written by Nelson, the development of all the material is a fully collaborative effort. The Nelson, Sless, Siegel, Sears, Molo Band as a name is a bit cumbersome - though in reality, that’s what they are.
These days the DNB only tour select areas a few times a year, as the individual band members are in high demand with other successful touring acts. Their loyal and enthusiastic fans relish these special times to reunite at Nelson family gatherings. DNB shows are a joyous reunion for all - a communal gathering where regulars and newcomers all feel part of an extended family. Each show, being unique and exploratory in nature, is a magical adventure for band and audience alike. It's one of the reasons why many of the fans follow the band to every show, including their annual Hawaii Tour (which draws many mainland fans as well as islanders for the week to ten day island party).

David Nelson - guitar/ vocals - is a founding member of the New Riders of the Purple Sage and long time musical partner of Jerry Garcia’s dating back to 1962 in the pre-Grateful Dead bluegrass band, The Wildwood Boys. Nelson was also a member of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and performed on three Grateful Dead albums - Aoxomoxoa, Workingman’s Dead & American Beauty - playing the character laden electric guitar solo on Box of Rain. Nelson has also performed as a member of Phil Lesh and Friends.

Barry Sless - lead guitar/ pedal steel - has been a frequent member of Phil Lesh and Friends lineups since 2004. He tours currently with Moonalice and has toured as a member of Kingfish, Cowboy Jazz, the Rowan Brothers, and Great American Taxi.

Mookie Siegel - keyboards/ accordion/ vocals - has toured with Bob Weir’s Ratdog, Phil Lesh and Friends, Kingfish and Donna Jean and the Tricksters.

Pete Sears - bass/ vocals - was the bassist and keyboard player for the original Jefferson Starship from 1974-1987, keyboardist for Hot Tuna from 1992 to 2001 and currently performs with Moonalice. Pete has played with Phil Lesh and Friends and appears on their 1999 release, Love Will See You Thru. Pete began his career in England in 1964 and has performed with many artists including Jerry Garcia, John Cipollina, and appears on Rod Stewart’s classic early British albums.

John Molo - drums - was part of almost every Phil Lesh and Friends lineup from 1999 - 2009. When the Grateful Dead reformed (after Jerry Garcia’s death) as the The Other Ones in 1998, John was a member. He has won a Grammy award for his work as a member of Bruce Hornsby and the Range, who he performed with from 1986 – 1999. He has also toured with Creedence Clearwater Revival founder John Fogerty and currently tours with Moonalice. John is considered by many to be the ultimate drummer in the improvisational rock scene.
Rusty Evans & Ring of Fire
Rusty Evans & Ring of Fire
Rockabilly Hall of Famer, RUSTY EVANS and his band have been burning up the California festival circuit (Actually, if you'll look at our schedule we've been burning back and forth across the whole U. S. of A. Need to update this blurb.) with his rollicking tribute to country music icon Johnny Cash. With a voice of rolling thunder and a spirit like gentle rain RUSTY has been wowing audiences from Nashville to San Francisco with his stunning tribute to the "MAN IN BLACK". His weighted drawl doles out molasses-coated syllables, putting an upbeat spin on less than optimistic situations. Lending his own touch to world famous songs such as "I Walk the Line" and "Folsom Prison Blues" Rusty honors the Man in Black with soulful honesty and exuberance..... Driving rhythms on his amplified acoustic Martin guitar are augmented by his energetic three-piece band. A hot rockin' lead guitar, driving bass and drums create the powerful and irresistible JOHNNY CASH signature sound, a pulse that drives folks right to the dance floor. People often comment on how much Rusty actually looks like the Man in Black. He's honored by the compliment and destined to continue in the spirit of the country music legend he holds in such high regard. .... When asked how he first came to sing with such conviction the songs of JOHNNY CASH, Rusty replies, "I met the Man in Black in the 1960's and was totally inspired, not to mention that Bob Dylan once told me long ago I sounded like Cash." Early musical endeavors include performing on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, touring with the New Christy Minstrels, working with renowned producer Phil Spector and producing/recording for CBS, Reprise and Folkway records..... Rusty recently performed at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium in a tribute to legendary country singer Kitty Wells. As a member of Western Fairs Association, Rusty and Ring of Fire have performed at California fairs such as Glenn and Marin County and in Oregon at the Klamath County Fair. Rusty has also taken his highly acclaimed show to the Hollywood Casino in Shreveport,
Venue Information:
Fairfax Pavilion
142 Bolinas Rd
Fairfax, CA, 94978